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H3O are an authorised partner and reseller of Objectif Lune products.

Objectif Lune solve the challenge of integrating legacy ERP, LOB and mainframe systems. Their technology acts as a middleware that sits next to an organisation’s various systems and extends their functionality to enable enterprise-wide automation of business processes.

It creates, manages, distributes and automates transactional documents and in particular, outbound communications. All customer-facing communications can be, personalised, automated and interactive. We add value to the most common business processes. We help our customers go from manual, paper-based processes to automated digital processes, step by step and without overhauling the entire organisation. We make it possible to print to almost anything. We capture and extract data from print streams coming from any system or ERP to compose documents and print them to any device.

For full details go to the Objectif Lune website

How can H3O help your business?
As an authorised partner and reseller we will work with you to understand your legacy systems and identify "pain points" where document and communications processes are labour intensive. Using objective Lune's product suite we will build a tailored solution for your business and deliver modern sate-of-the-art business communications and documents at a fraction of the cost of replacing your legacy systems.




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