Material Tracking

Khi-Ro Material and Resource Tracking (MRT) is an application that provides true integration between the shop-floor and your business level ERP system (e.g. SAP), recording and reporting on material and asset movements and usage throughout the manufacturing or assembly process.

MRT delivers management and control across the following processes:

  • Receipt of supplier deliveries
  • Warehouse management
  •  Consumption of raw and packaging materials.
  • Ticketing and production recording of intermediate products.
  • Tracking of re-usable containers.
  • Consumption of intermediate products.
  • Inter-factory transfers.
  • Production recording and labelling of finished goods.
  • Despatch of finished goods.
  • Tracking of finished goods to the first point of customer delivery

In addition to providing an increased level of control and visibility of your process, it offers the following benefits:

Barcode LabelBusiness Continuity for Planned and Unplanned IT Outages

With or without the availability of ERP, your production process can continue unhindered. When ERP returns to service, MRT will automatically align all recorded production data into the ERP System.

Quality and Control through Traceability

MRT manages and tracks both all resources used in the process including materials and the manufacturing assets. With MRT the level of detail at which you can control your process and hence your quality and losses are significantly enhanced.

Operator Friendly Screens

One of the greatest barriers of implementing an IT solution in the supply chain process is integrating the personnel into the system. Our easy to use point and press operator interfaces overcome this, drastically reduce implementation times and facilitate the adoption of the process into the normal daily activities.

GS1 Compliant


MRT has been implemented globally and is currently under support in a number of global blue-chip FMCG companies

Using MRT

MRT's user friendly interface is provided via any RF linked mobile computer, barcode scanner or web-based PC screen. MRT is unique from the traditional Track and Track systems on the market, due to its design history. MRT was designed to enhance and integrate with your existing ERP system, not to replace it. Due to this your ERP solution remains the prime business controller and the main repository for operational and master data.

MRT is a Manufacturing Execution System that integrates with your ERP system to provide the following:

  • Business continuity in the event of ERP downtime.
  • Pallet level traceability from raw materials through to finished goods.
  • Accountability
  • Shop floor data capture by means of bar code labelling and scanning, RFI tags, PLC and weigh-scale interfaces.

Typical ERP Integration Scenario
mrt diagram

Batch Tracking & Asset Management - Mobile and Re-usable Assets 

In addition to pallets, MRT is also designed to track material stored and transported in re-usable containers, such as IBCs, Tote Bins, Bags, Hoppers, Silos or any other container that can hold materials. These containers are generally identified and labelled with a permanent bar code, or with an RFId tag.

MRT has the functionality to independently track both the container (as part of Asset Management) and the material within the container (as part of Production Control). As part of the customers product quality system, it may be essential to record which batch of raw material was consumed to produce each batch of an intermediate product.

In addition, product cross contamination may be a particular concern, so MRT records the successive materials that are stored and moved in each re-usable container and also retains cleaning and maintenance records for each container.

MRT provides functionality to cover the various aspects of Production Control, Batch Tracking and Asset Management for all these conditions.

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