Rocket D3 and MVBase

 Rocket® D3 and mvBase solutions are integrated database and application development environments designed for transactional and analytical database applications. They combine scalable, flexible, seamless interoperability with connectivity and low overhead for system management and administration.

Our consultants have extensive experience managing Rocket D3 implementations providing support to a number of customers across the UK (Indeed one of of our consultants has over 30 years hands-on D3 experience).
We have also worked with clients to upgrade legacy D3 implementations to the latest version and ported existing systems running on aged hardware to modern virtualised platforms and the benefits of scaleability and redundancy that this technology brings.

Check out our case studies to see examples of our D3 projects.

An example of why it is important to keep your D3 infrastructure up-to-date can be illustrated by a recent project that we carried out for a well known high-street electronics retailer. Ths particular client was running AX 5.2 supporting D3 7.2.0 and we migrated them to Microsoft Hyper-V on Fujitsu hardware running CentOS 7 and D3 version 10.2.

With the migration it allowed the customer to utilise the latest enhancements to D3 including:

  • True 64-Bit OS Platform support
  • Access to larger core memory for increased file cache utilisation
  • Larger addressing space per process for faster application performance
  • File level encryption making the system GDPR compliant
  • Selective encryption within Basic again for GDPR compliance
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Communications for communications to their global suppliers ensuring data security
  • DB pause / resume to allow them to obtain a clean snapshot of data
  • Hyper-V allowed image backups of D3 every 5 minutes which could be used for a bare metal restore in a Disaster/Recovery situation
  • Hot Backup was introduced to a secure data centre and also to a local server
  • MVSToolkit was implemented to allow suppliers and the customers web site to be able to easily access D3 data


Another of our clients is a large plastics manufacturing company based in Glasgow. At the time that they originally became a client in 2004 they were running D3 version 7.2.0 on Red Hat 9. 

Over the past 14 years we have

  • Upgraded all their systems to D3 10.2 and CentOS Version 7
  • Introduced a centralised document archiving and printer system
  • Managed their emails
  • Automated backup to the cloud of all the D3 and Windows data
  • Hot Backup
  • MVS Toolkit
  • FlashConnect
  • Looked after all their network security with Sonicwall Firewalls
  • Integrated D3 with Symantec Could Security Services for email (formerly Messagelabs)



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