Management Services...

Unlike many solution providers H30 are not tied to any particular hardware or software vendors so you can be confident that we are always working to your agenda ensuring that you get the solution which is right for you, 

Our consultants are experienced professionals mostly with 20+ years industry experience and have successfully designed and delivered systems to clients, large and small in a wide range of public and private sector industries on a global basis.

Whether you need us for a one-off project or on an ongoing basis we can help you.

How we can help you...

Strategic Planning

Many companies are at the mercy of IT suppliers who have a vested interest in selling particular products and services rather than deliver genuine business solutions. Our focus is to find the right solution for you so we will work with you to understand your current systems and processes and then help you develop an IT strategy and a coherent roadmap which is right for your business. Our consultants have a wealth of industry experience across many sectors and you will find that our plain speaking, practical approach will ensure that we deliver straightforward solutions that bring a measurable business value. 

Supply Chain Integration, Shop Floor and Track & Trace Systems and Business Intelligence.

In 2020 H3O acquired the customer contracts and intellectual property of Khi-Ro Limited, a leading solution provider in the field of industrial track and trace predominantly in the manufacture and distribution of food products. With solutions in dozens of implementations around the world Khi-Ro's systems can be found in factories of many major blue chip companies producing various products from Breakfast Cereals to Pizza and Mineral waters to well known chocolate bars.
Click here to find out more about Khi-Ro systems.

Application Integration and Workflow Automation

Many companies have 'Islands of Technology'... Multiple standalone systems or 'super-spreadsheets' holding critical business data. We can work with you to streamline your business processes and develop software to seamlessly link the systems together. In this way, data is only entered once and is properly synchronised across your systems saving you time and money. 
Furthermore we can take your legacy systems which may output data in line-printer formats and using software tools automatically convert them into rich pdf or web formats, giving them a modern look and feel withouth having to replace entire platforms.

Business Process Analysis

Many companies go shopping for a new IT system thinking that all their problems will be solved but are then dissapointed to find that what they buy doesn't work for them. Very often this is a result of the organisation not fully understanding its existing processes beforehand -  missing the fundamental point that IT systems are there to serve the business process.
We can work with you to analyse and document your current business processes and help identify inefficiencies  which can often be rectified without spending a single extra penny on IT. If however you do need to purchase a new IT system  then having well understood processes will ensure that you go out to the market with a clearly defined 'shopping list' of requirements.

Rocket D3 Maintenance

This product is a solid, reliable workhorse solution for many businesses but finding the expertise to maintain it can be difficult. We have paricular expertise in this technology and have a proven track record migrating legacy D3 systems from aging hardware onto modern virtualised platforms. We can also work with you to modernise your legacy D3 applications and ensure that they meet current compliance regulations such as PCI and GDPR.
Additionally we can take report outputs from your D3 system which may be in line-printer formats and automatically convert them into a modern graphical format suitable for publication on the web or to send to your customers.


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